Baseboard Radiator

Baseboard radiator is a new generation in HVAC industry, which cleverly has been able to use the principles used in radiators, floor heating, fan coils and other heating systems, while eliminated many of disadvantages of each of these systems and provided benefits of them together such as simplicity in radiator and steady heating in floor heating and many other advantages.

Baseboard radiator is a simple and efficient system. It is alternative to cornice that used in both residential and office buildings and commercial and with appearance and sizes same as cornice, adds heating ability to cornice (Click for full text).

Atrin Competitive Advantage

Fitting all stainless steel and thread

All parts have connected together with stainless steel and threaded connections and have sealed completely.

The first intelligent baseboard radiators

Atrin industry group for the first time succeeded in creating the first smart baseboard radiators.

Unique design

Because of the separation of components, in the corner of the walls with 45⁰ cutting on the cover, the view is quite beautiful and elegant.

How to install

Because of the separation of components, at first, has installed the thermal part of the system and then testing and commissioning. After that has covered with covers. So in terms of sealing and performance and reliability will be of the highest level.

Atrin Industrial Group news in 2015

12 Nov 2015

The governor of Gilan state visited the Atrin’s pavilion.

On the first day of the exhibition facilities and heating and cooling systems, the governor of Gilan and the delegation with him visited Atrin Industrial Group pavilion.

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10 Nov 2015

Exhibition facilities and heating and cooling systems

Atrin Industrial Group presence in the ninth Rasht International Exhibition of Construction Industry

23 Oct 2015

Tehran International Exhibition HVAC and heating and cooling systems

Atrin industrial presence in the fourteenth International Exhibition of Industrial Heating and cooling systems

Baseboard radiator features

  1. 1
    -Temperature distribution

    One of the features of baseboard radiators is uniform temperature distribution. High thermal efficiency in this system is also the characteristics of the system

  2. 2
    Energy saving

    It has 30% saving energy and for almost 50% saving plumbing.

  3. 3
    High heat transfer rate
  4. 4
    Consistent with interior decoration

    Consistency with the interior decoration and the occupied space.

  5. 5
    Simply repairs

     Due to the special design of this system is simply maintenance of the main features of this system.

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