What is Baseboard Radiator?

Board heating radiator is a new generation of industrial facilities that is intelligently managed using the principles used in radiators, floor heating, fan coils and other heating systems, while eliminating the many disadvantages of each of these systems and has the advantages they have like simple form of radiators and floor heating and a number of other advantages are provided by them. Board heating system is simple and efficient heating system that replaces the typical frames used in residential, office and commercial buildings and with a simple appearance and size like a cornice, gives the heating usage to the cornice. In Atrin’s board heating system, aluminum shell is produced similar to cornice and due to the scalability coating strength and stiffness of aluminum makes it possible that a radiator is placed longitudinally behind the shell. ۶۰۶۳ series aluminum is the material used in Atrin’s radiators which is required by view code 360 in Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran for heating aluminum systems. Mentioned series of aluminum has an ability of high heat transfer meanwhile, the resistance is suitable for this type of heating equipment.

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