History Of Baseboard Radiator

Nowadays, the most widely used heating system in houses and buildings are heating radiators.

In 1716, Toris from Sweden was the first man to invent Central hot water heating system. In 1770 James Watt was the first man to use thermal radiators with hot water boilers used for heating. After a serious development in 1831 Perkinz full heating system with hot water expansion tank was equipped with a patented in his name. Of 1950 which rotating water pumps entered public approach to the use of central heating systems were significantly increased.

In 2008, England, the first model of the baseboard radiator that is derived from this principle panel heating systems was introduced to market by the brand of Therma skirt. This type of baseboard radiators has a very simple structure and heating part consists of an aluminum shell which embedded two oval ducts behind it to go and return for the hot water and installed to the walls by a holder. Despite the simplicity of the system, but due to the high efficiency and considerable savings of energy and many other features this product has quickly found its place in many European countries and even America.

This product entered to the Iran’s market for almost three years now and there are several companies which are selling the copy of the original type, but Atrin Industrial Group, by offering different design, has substantially increased the performance and features of this product which leaded to patent the product in the name of our company.

The English product structure of joints is polymer and a push fit with O-rings while our product has Interface conversion with brass and stainless steel which is threaded.

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