Introducing the board heating radiator

As the name implies it is a cornice that have ability to transfer heat as well as conventional radiators. Inthis system, a shell made of special aluminum alloy with form and shape like cornice, elegant andwith a wide variety of colors, replaced with conventional cornices. Therefore the space behind the shellmakes it possible to embed provides longitudinal radiators behind it.Baseboard radiator system is simple and efficient which replaces the conventional cornices used inbuildings including residential, office and commercial and with the appearance and size of thebaseboard, adds usage of cornice to.Baseboard radiator is a new product in the industry, which has managed the facility due to functionality,appearance, high efficiency and energy savings for the stakeholders to speed the construction industryand also to attract consumers. Each of the conventional heating systems such as radiators, floorheating, fan coils, air conditioning, duct split, split units and etc, have advantages anddisadvantages but baseboard radiator heating system kept all the advantages of those and fix theirflaws.The baseboard radiator has dual use of space and baseboard heating strips as on the one hand and onthe other hand the variation in color and even the possibility of form and shape it has been able toprovide facilities and conditions that are highly desirable and attractive for architects and interiordesigners. Baseboard radiator heating system is using the simplest mechanism in ordinary radiators forheat transfer so there is no complexity in the system. On the other hand, due to its high efficiency, thisfeature is created with minimal facilities and equipment to be provided with the use of this product.Board heating radiators are compatible with renewable energy sources such as solar energy (solar waterheaters). Use heat from renewable energy sources such as geothermal, solar, heat pumps and solarwater heaters require the use of radiators with large thermal But baseboard radiators are designed insuch a way that they can work with these energy sources with the best efficiency.In the flash file below by turning ON and OFF you can compare heating way by baseboard radiators andtraditional radiators.

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